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A content management system, or CMS, is a web application that allows you to build and manage  content on your website whenever it suits you, from wherever you are, with no knowledge of web design. Freedom, power and control: all in one simple package.


Web developers at Prosource regularly create web content management systems for many of our customers. More and more, our web customers are looking for a web CMS that meets their needs and fits their budget.

Meet content management by Prosource – the simple to use, yet powerfully effective, web content management solution that allows you to manage your website content. You have complete control. A complete solution that combines the power of real-time website management with reliable website hosting and unbeatable support.


simpleCMS is truly a simple, powerful solution for small business. Here’s how it works.

  1. prosource designers create a website design that is customized for your business.
  2. Our web professionals install and configure the system.
  3. We’ll add some initial content to get things rolling.
  4. A prosource web design pro will review the administration interface with you, showing you all the ropes.
  5. You add the real content and the website is ready to go.
  6. When you are finished, your prosource web design pro will configure your website hosting and launch the site for the world to see.
  7. If you ever get stuck, our EXTREME SUPPORT is always available and ALWAYS FREE!


Basic Features

Create Pages

Add your own pages, as many as you want. Link between pages. Don’t like a page, delete it. Don’t like what it says, edit the page. Any time you want, you can login to simpleCMS by Prosource from practically anywhere and change your website.

Create Blog Articles

Add categorized articles to satisfy your craving to BLOG. Help your SEO effort by creating articles that are detailed about specific subjects in your industry. Content is KING and a Blog will allow you to go content crazy while keeping information in tidy categories. simpleCMS by Prosource even connects like articles together as well as automatically archiving old articles as newer ones are posted.

Create Multiple User Logins

Add as many people as you want to have access to your simpleCMS by Prosource administration panel. So you can delegate responsibility as you see fit. Remove that person anytime you like. Change passwords and usernames at your convenience. You get all this with simpleCMS by Prosource.

Upload Documents and Images

simpleCMS by Prosource allows you to upload and manage PDF documents and JPEG images. Add them to pages in your site by linking to them from a drop down list of uploaded items. It’s ALL so simple.

Create Multi-Level Site Navigation

Any page that you add can be part of the navigation system, or not. You can even create multi-level drop-down menus. So your services or products can have multiple pages below them for better website organization. Multi-level website navigation keeps your website clean and efficient.

Contact Form with Spam Control

One of the best ways to get input from your website visitors is by using a submission form. We add a SPAM control to your form to ensure your form contents use the latest technology to fight against today’s ridiculous amount of SPAM.

Search Engine Optimization

Yes, you can optimize your website just like the pro’s by using simpleCMS’s built in SEO features. There is no magic, just a best practices approach to ensure your website is optimized efficiently. We take the guesswork out of SEO. So simple with simpleCMS by Prosource.

Custom Anything

If you have an idea, run it past us. We’ve built hundreds of customization’s over the years.

Looking for a content managed site?

Request a no-obligation, free demo today from one of our team specialists!