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Accounts Payable Automation

Improve visibility, gain control, and increase efficiency and productivity across each stage of the procure-to-pay lifecycle with accounts payable automation solutions from Prosource.

Take Control of Your AP Processes

Organizations are increasingly turning to technology to operate more efficiently and effectively. But for many accounts payable (AP) departments, invoice capture, approvals, and other processes are still performed manually—and often on paper.

Manually managing these processes can lead to data-entry errors, incomplete records, late payments, and a murky view of where each invoice is and whether it’s been paid. But there’s a better way.

Modernize your processes and maximize your AP team’s productivity for a significant return on investment with AP automation from Prosource. Powered by industry-leading content services platform OnBase, our AP automation solution will transform your accounts payable operations through intelligent data capture, workflow automation, and seamless integration with your existing financial management system.

Reduce manual and paper-based invoice processing

More than 75 percent of all invoices are still received via paper or some form of unstructured content, such as an emailed PDF or fax.

Get your AP department out of the weeds of manual data entry and invoice coding. Capture invoices and other supporting files electronically – no matter how you receive them (mail, fax, email, electronic data interchange) – and extract critical data such as invoice numbers, due dates, and even line-item details. From there, automated workflows route invoices to the appropriate stakeholders for review and approval, even across distributed locations and remote teams.

Increase visibility into processes and real-time information

Make more informed decisions with OnBase. Reporting dashboards provide immediate visibility into your organization’s financial health and cash flow, as well as key performance metrics such as time to payment, enabling you to identify and resolve bottlenecks in real-time.

And when it’s time for an audit, OnBase alleviates stress and minimizes compliance risk with a clear audit trail for every document across the accounts payable process. Don’t spend your costly audit hours digging through boxes. Instead, easily locate, view, share, and print documentation and quickly respond to auditors’ requests.

Extend the value of your ERP

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or financial line of business application is central to your day-to-day AP operations. Extend its value and maximize its impact with OnBase.

Through a direct integration with your ERP, OnBase makes it easy to access the documents and data you need at any time and from anywhere—all within your familiar ERP interface. No more searching through physical files or email inboxes for critical information related to a transaction. Packing slips? Check. Goods receipts? At your fingertips.

Our AP automation solutions can integrate with any ERP—even systems specific to your industry—to provide a single interface for managing AP information and processes, boosting your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Modernize your AP operations

Remote and hybrid work are here to stay, which means there’s never been a better time to eliminate risky, paper-based, manual processes. With AP automation from Prosource, you can achieve improved visibility and control, while delivering invoices more quickly and accurately across each stage of the procure-to-pay lifecycle—transforming your AP department and empowering your staff to focus on higher-value tasks and more strategic initiatives.