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AP Automation for Beer & Wine Wholesalers

Take control of your accounts payable (AP) processes and extend the value of your existing financial line of business applications with Prosource’s AP automation solution crafted specifically for the needs of beer & wine wholesalers and distributors.

Streamline & Centralize Your AP Processes

In the competitive beer and wine market, there’s no time to waste on inefficient processes. As invoice volumes increase and approval routes become more complex, accounts payable teams face pressure to do more with less—managing manual processes and piles of paperwork, all while remaining responsive to suppliers and internal stakeholders.

And yet, these manual, paper-based processes often lead to incomplete records, bottlenecks, and costly errors and confusion.

Keep your financial operations running smoothly, preserve your supplier relationships, and give your team access to the critical business information they need with AP automation from Prosource.

Increase efficiency and accuracy through seamless integration with your ERP system

We’ll streamline your accounts payable and invoice approval processes by integrating with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for increased visibility, control, and efficiency—whether you use VIP, Encompass, or another beer & wine ERP or route accounting software.

Powered by industry-leading content services platform OnBase, our solution will transform your operations with centralized access to business-critical documents and data, improving productivity and accuracy for a greater return on investment. With intelligent data capture, workflow automation, and seamless integration with your ERP system, our AP automation solution addresses key industry challenges including…

Overhead and expense management

Never lose track of an invoice again. With your ERP integration with OnBase, your AP team will have a comprehensive view of the status of every overhead and expense invoice, where it is in the approval process, and whether the invoice has been paid. Centralized activity tracking and electronic invoice routing enable approval from anywhere at any time, even across distributed locations and team members.

Automated workflows get your staff out of the day-to-day management of invoice processing, improving productivity and freeing up resources to handle exceptions and focus on higher-value tasks. Interactive dashboards provide immediate visibility into the health of your AP processes so you can identify and resolve bottlenecks in real-time.

Invoice approval and automated coding

Manual data entry and invoicing coding are time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Automate your invoice approval workflow with OnBase and your ERP to ensure that invoices are approved, routed, tracked, and paid accurately and on time.

OnBase intelligently leverages data from previous invoices and POs within your ERP system (e.g., supplier numbers, GL codes) to predict coding and reduce re-keying of information. From there, built-in or custom rules automatically apply that coding to maximize invoice processing accuracy and efficiency. This streamlined invoice approval process enabled one distributor to accommodate 500 new suppliers into its AP workflow in a single year without adding headcount.

Pricing discrepancy resolution

In the highly regulated beer and wine industry, it is critical to ensure that costs and prices are accurate. And yet, discrepancies in inventory invoices continue to be a significant challenge for wholesalers and distributors. OnBase’s Pricing Pre-Check function eliminates this manual re-work by identifying pricing and quantity errors for correction prior to receiving product, improving the accuracy and speed of the AP approval and coding process.

State-by-state tax remittance

Managing state-by-state rules around wine taxes is a complex process—and one that is subject to audit. And yet, it is often performed manually, leaving room for errors, omissions, and delays. With OnBase, your AP team can leverage workflows and monthly reporting to aggregate tax information across invoices and reconcile state taxes owed to enable accurate, on-time tax payments. 

Audits made easy

Be ready for audits and tax season with the content you need at your fingertips. With comprehensive tracking and instant access to purchase and payment records, managing business-critical content in OnBase alleviates stress, minimizes risk, and most importantly, reduces the time needed to prepare for an audit by 50%.

In the words of one Chief Financial Officer, “OnBase has paid for itself with the amount of time and payroll saved during audits.” Period.

Profit margin accuracy

Relieve the regulatory pressure and feel confident in the accuracy of both the prices you’re paying and the prices you’re charging. Our solution leverages OnBase and your ERP system to assure that you are maintaining the profit margins required by the state—and that you can prove it through comprehensive tracking and documentation. If a margin issue does occur, reports in your ERP alert you to the issue, while OnBase locates and identifies the cause of the issue for quick resolution.

Supporting content access and visibility

Need more context on an invoice? No more chasing down details in email inboxes, file folders, or even multiple applications. Through your ERP integration with OnBase, all documents and data related to every transaction are just a click away. From credit and debit memos to receiving packets, invoices, margin exception reports, service tickets, freight bills, and more, related items stay connected to transactions via the PO number for easy retrieval and total visibility.

Accounts receivable bill back

In the beer and wine industry, promotions are vital to your marketing mix. But reimbursements and bill backs that slip through the cracks can be a million-dollar problem. If you are manually tracking your marketing expenses and reimbursements for incentives, advertising, sponsorships, supplies, promotional events, point-of-sale (POS) displays, and more, you may be leaving funds from your suppliers on the table or spending funds that are not being billed back to the supplier – a hit your marketing budget can’t afford to take.

Together, OnBase and your ERP automate the accounts receivable (AR) bill back process to ensure accurate allocation of funds and optimal use of supplier budgets.