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Nonprofit & Religious

You have a big mission to fulfill. Get the capabilities you need to meet your goals, support your operations, protect your network, and keep your stakeholders happy.

Your Trusted Technology Advisor

When you have limited staff and resources, you need a technology strategy that can do double duty. That’s where we come in.

Our holistic approach to business technology equips you with equipment, technology, and training to bridge the gap between your vision and capabilities.

We’ll show you how to leverage technology to your strategic advantage so you can stretch your resources further. Achieve more than you thought possible with Prosource on your team.

Expand your capabilities

Whether you need the support of a certified IT team or the strategic insights of a virtual CIO, we’ve got you covered. We’ll ensure your network and devices securely and cost-effectively support your goals and needs. Our knowledge of nonprofit programs such as Tech Soup enables us to obtain needed hardware, software, and licensing at special discounts. And when issues crop up, our IT Help Desk is standing by to find a solution—and fast. Transform your network into a secure, cost-effective technology backbone for your organization with managed IT services from Prosource.

Get more value from your data

Religious organizations and nonprofits need to use every means available to maximize productivity and save money. We can equip you with the right tools to capture information, extract high-value data, and automate processes. Discover the benefits of digital transformation with our managed content solutions.

Improve data security

Nonprofits, foundations, community service organizations, and religious organizations are high-value targets for cybercriminals. Don’t become a statistic. Our network and security solutions protect critical data from unauthorized access while keeping your digital fundraising operations secure. Find unparalleled peace of mind with our integrated cybersecurity solutions.

Upgrade your office equipment

Improve productivity, reliability, and cost containment while meeting your administrative needs with top-of-the-line new and refurbished printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. You can ramp up your technology to corporate levels at a much friendlier price point. Plus, you’ll no longer need to troubleshoot your equipment. Whether you need two printers or 10, build a fleet that works for you with our comprehensive print solutions.

Reduce lifecycle costs

When your budget is tight, you need to know where and how your organization is spending its dollars on print. We can help you lower your print costs, right-size your fleet, get more out of your machines, and eliminate wasteful practices. Print smarter and reduce expenses by up to 30% with managed print services from Prosource.

Enhance your image

Make your campaigns, programs, and donor materials stand out. Our light production print machines deliver professional-grade quality, while our certified technicians can teach your team design and printing basics. Bring your vision to life with production print solutions that make a big impact.

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