Technical Support


Efficient troubleshooting depends on the computer repair technician’s expertise and their familiarity with your IT systems. When partnering with Prosource, you’re assigned Microsoft-Certified computer repair technicians who treat your network like it was their own. Once one of our professionals has evaluated your computer network, documented, and implemented recommended system upgrades, our technical support staff can quickly diagnose and resolve issues each time we visit your facility or remotely using our RescueMe internet software. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Prosource has direct access to the full Microsoft support network including priority telephone support when a critical server or service is down.

Along with finding issues and fixing them quickly, our trained computer technicians can recommend any needed changes to network configurations or employee operating procedures. Often, these changes to your existing computer network will help reduce or eliminate the possibility that a problem will reoccur in the future. Our on-site technicians support IT equipment for all companies in the growth cycle, from a single computer to complete data centers. Partner with reliable computer repair technicians at Prosource and be rest assured that your network is in the hands of true professionals!

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