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Our Process

We’re on a mission to build the best team and talent in the industry. When hiring a new Associate, we want to ensure it’s a fit—and that goes both ways. And once you’re onboard, we’re here to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Hiring & Onboarding: What to Expect

We are thorough in our approach to finding the right talent, so we have a comprehensive selection and hiring process to ensure that working together is the right decision for both of us.

We take time to get to know you, your talents, and your goals, and help you understand what your career path at Prosource looks like.

And you get to know us, too. Along the way, you’ll talk to the recruitment manager, the hiring manager, and other Associates to learn more about the position and what it’s like working at Prosource. In some roles, you will even ride along with seasoned staff, so you get to experience what the job looks and feels like—and hopefully, start picturing yourself at Prosource.

Get Immersed in our Culture from Day One

Your first days at Prosource won’t be like the first days anywhere else. Our onboarding process introduces you to key people in the company from day one. You’ll learn about our history from the Chairman, hear from the President about where we’re headed, and get introduced to more team members that are committed to your success.

You won’t be flying blind either. You’ll have a customized plan that maps out daily and weekly goals for your first 100 days. Your manager and mentors will help you navigate the attitude, skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in your new role. You’ll learn from other departments, too, so you gain a deeper understanding of what Prosource does and how we deliver our services and solutions with a customer-obsessed philosophy.

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