A Managed Print Services agreement from Prosource is an all-inclusive, customized solution that streamlines the management of your print environment, exposes hidden costs, and implements a cost-reduction strategy. Our input helps better your output, providing the tools you need to take control.


90% of business owners are unaware of their total printing spend, which totals an estimated 1 to 3% of their annual revenue. Added up, the price your pay isn’t just about cost. The unknown comes with a heavy price tag – reduce it. Expose it. Own it. The highest cost of operations is wasted expense. Prosource’s Managed Print Services is here to help you manage it. You take care of business – we take care of yours.


Cost control and budget visibility

Actively managing your print environment will help reduce costs in your business by up to 30%. By taking advantage of a MPS strategy from Prosource, your business will save money and control costs by maximizing the efficiency of print assets, eliminating unnecessary hardware, cutting consumable printing expenses, and allowing you to track your monthly print costs with ease.

Remote monitoring and support

Print-related issues make up an average of 40% of IT calls. A Prosource MPS strategy reduces the amount of calls to IT, increasing productivity and efficiency within your organization. Since our MPS solution includes easy supply ordering, proactive maintenance, and service as part of your upfront costs, your IT staff will have more time to devote to other projects that will continue to evolve and grow the business.

Automatic meter reads and supply replenishment

Having 24/7 access to your print environment allows us to automatically receive meter readings from your devices. Our proactive approach to MPS allows us to keep printer downtime to a minimum by automatically ordering printing supplies to keep your devices running. The monitoring software also alerts the end user of potential device failures, flagging minor print issues before they turn into major issues.

Achieve an ideal print output environment

With Prosource MPS, businesses are enabled to consolidate costs and vendors which provides the ability for a consistent monthly investment. When you start a MPS agreement with Prosource, there are no surprise maintenance or unpredictable printing costs.

Improve business processes

Our MPS strategy includes implementation of solutions that reduce or eliminate wasteful printing and better integrate document workflows. We not only help you gain control over the complexity of your print infrastructure, but also help you leverage our expertise, resources and tools to accelerate paper to digital initiatives.

Add value, not spend to your TCO

A business’s printing costs includes the total costs incurred to manage and optimize the printer fleet and printer production, as well as the technical staff and processes that support the printer fleet. Prosource MPS takes into consideration all costs related to producing a printed page when determining the individual cost-per-page charge for each device included in our MPS agreement, and you pay only for actual pages printed.

Extend the life of your printers

Ongoing oversight of your printers increases the workload on IT and internal staff. With an MPS agreement from Prosource, we take care of regular maintenance that will help extend the life of your print equipment and minimize costly downtime.

Reduce vendor management

Managing your print vendors is a difficult and time consuming task. Under a unified and well managed print environment, your business can reduce the number of vendors sending bills and invoices. Your administrators will save time and you will reduce costs.

Bring your own devices: mobile printing

The IT requirements of the workplace and its employees are changing rapidly. Employees are bringing in their own devices and expecting IT to provide access to both business and personal applications. Our MPS solution integrates with any device and supports mobile printing across all devices.

Manage your environmental footprint

An optimized output fleet reduces unnecessary device acquisition, cutting down on waste and power consumption and reducing space requirements in facilities. A more accurate picture of device usages enables you to implement resource-saving measures such as two-sided printing. You can also incorporate recycling and waste disposal procedures for your printing consumables.