Shocking Statistics on Document Management Impact

By Holly McGuire Take a look at a couple of the shocking statistics on how document management could be impacting your daily routine and success of your company and even your environment. This might be just the information you need to get you more serious about becoming more efficient with your document management. Key Statistics […]

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Records Management Tip #1: Electronic File Naming

By Lawrence Giffin, University of North Carolina Library  Electronic files need clear and consistent file names, especially since they move more quickly and easily from person to person and from folder to folder. As files circulate through email and across servers, descriptive and consistent naming conventions can increase efficiency and keep you from losing files. Below […]


10 Tips to Tighten Network Security

By Sean Michael Kerner, SmallBusinessComputing.Com Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean that hackers won’t target you. The reality is that automated scanning techniques and botnets don’t care whether your company is big or small, they’re only looking for holes in your network security to exploit. The good news is that there are a lot of […]

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