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7 Worrying Data Security Trends That Affect Your Business

By: David Strom There are many reasons that corporate data security managers don’t get much sleep at night. The number of potential vulnerabilities continues to skyrocket, with data thieves growing more sophisticated, more targeted, and more numerous. With that in mind, we picked seven of the most worrying trends; not to feed your nightmares, but to discuss […]


5 Tips to Protect Your Small Business’s Information

By : Gabrielle Karol, FOXBusiness According to the National Archives and Records Administration, 93% of companies that lose a data center for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy within one year of the incident. Here are five tips for properly protecting your small business’s information from Aaron Dun, CMO of cloud backup firm Intronis. […]


Research Reveals That Businesses Place Low Priority on Print Security Despite 60% Admitting to Experiencing Print-Related Data Breach

By Louella Fernandes • on April 9th, 2014 • in Articles  Quocirca research reveals that enterprises place a low priority on print security despite over 60% admitting that they have experienced a print-related data breach. Any data breach can be damaging for any company, leaving it open to fines and causing damage to its reputation and undermining customer confidence. In […]

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How to Create a Strong Password and Why You Should Do This Now

Are you using simple passwords such as password, abc123, orqwerty? Do you write your passwords on a Post-It note you stick to your computer screen? Have you been using the same password on multiple accounts? Or do you create passwords that are unique and strong for each of your online accounts?   The recently discovered Heartbleed Internet bug put […]


Passwords Are the First Step to Internet Safety

Passwords: The first step to safety Most people don’t put a lot of thought into creating a password. It’s usually easiest just to create a short, easy-to-remember password, or even just to use the same password for every account. After all, the average person probably won’t be able to guess your password. However, hackers often use password-cracking software […]

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