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Why the Cloud and Cloud Content Management?

No longer a buzzword, the cloud is integral to your online document management solution By Ric Strasser  I  Director of Document Automation, Prosource Cloud computing and cloud content management has moved from an IT buzzword to one of the most important business and technical capabilities available to CIOs today. Rapid deployment, reduced up-front capital expenditure, […]

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Tackling Technology in Your Business Plan

By Rhonda Abrams, author of The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies Planning Your Technology Needs Every business needs technology. Even if your company makes old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, you’ll rely on technology to handle most routine business operations, from maintaining financial records, to processing orders, to staying in contact with suppliers and customers. Because technology […]

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10 Tips to Reduce Printing Costs

By Jeremy Kaikko In business, every decision, policy or process usually results in the creation of a document. Most of these documents are printed at least once during their lifespan, sometimes multiple times. While businesses can’t go completely paperless, here are 10 tips to reduce printing costs that will not only save your organization money, […]


Unlock the Mystery of Enterprise Content Management Systems

By Ric Strasser  I  Director of Document Automation, Prosource What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? If you are new to the concept of enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise content management solutions, you may find it confusing at first. And for good reason. The enormous number of terms associated with ECM - document management,BPM,case management, imaging, records management, full text indexing - […]

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