Why Cybersecurity is Important for Small Businesses

Technology dominates all parts of today’s society. It’s rare to find a business or individual who doesn’t use some form for either company or personal use. These devices can make our lives easier when used correctly. However, they also put us further at risk. Any Internet-connected technology can be hacked into, which means any private […]


How Much a Data Breach Could Cost your Business

By Will Yakowicz With cyberattacks occurring ever more frequently, businesses need to start thinking about how to reduce their potential financial damage. It may sound like fearmongering, but if a diverse group of businesses like Ashley Madison, Sony, and JPMorgan Chase can get hacked, truly every business is a potential target. How much would a data breach […]

Cloud icon on a digital tablet

Is Cloud Printing a Good Idea?

By Jeremy Kaikko As more and more of our business and personal applications continue to move to the cloud, printing from these cloud-based applications is sometimes an afterthought. That is until the moment it becomes necessary to quickly print a document that is in the cloud and not on your local computer or server-based network […]


4 Web Design Trends Your Small Business Should Follow

By Jonha Revesencio In today’s digital economy, a good website is essential to the success of small businesses. Trends are ever changing, so are client needs. While businesses are busy focusing on their core product or service, most do not understand the value and importance of staying on the cutting edge of web design trends. […]


Windows 10: A Small Business’s Best Friend

By Pedro Hernandez This week at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco, the company unveiled ambitious goals for its upcoming Windows 10 operating system (OS). Not only does Microsoft hope to get the OS installed on a billion devices by mid-2018, the company is courting app developers of rival mobile platforms, namely iOS and Android, […]

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